April 19, 2019

The Appeasement Express

August 22, 2018

By Anarchist History of New Zealand

Our unique West Auckland heritage railways were killed off in 2014 for political reasons. Initially the propaganda excuse was the old ‘health and safety reasons’ line, which did not stack up. More recently, of course, there has been the switch-up to the new propaganda of ‘kauri dieback’ disease. This had led to even greater closures of ancient and historic tracks enjoyed by New Zealanders for generations.

As these disused walking tracks shrink back into forest are we really gullible enough to think a future Council will expensively re-open them again? Or as the old Rainforest Express gear rusts and depreciates that they’ll ever be restored? Delay makes this Council regulatory capture a fait accompli.

Waitakere Tramline Society’s ‘Strategy Group’ strategy is now to align with (and appease) The Council by buying into their ‘kauri dieback’ excuse for closing down their train, and The Rainforest Express, and the ranges, down.

It’s a strategy of pacification reliant on The Council taking pity on sad puppy-dog eyes reminiscent of Neville Chamberlain in 1938! How’d that work out?

In my opinion The Rainforest Express should adopt a more Churchillian strategy. Don’t suck up to these people who deliberately shut you down on false pretences. Don’t be docile victims to regulatory capture. Be activist leaders in repatriating the Waitakere ranges back into the community. This is your territory.