April 19, 2019

A Community of Freedom

August 18, 2018

By Anarchist History of New Zealand

We are a ‘civil society’ based in New Zealand but welcome readers from all around the world. We are Anarchists, Libertarians and/or true Liberals who believe that individual liberty and the removal of institutional violence is the only way to achieve a civilised society. Therefore, because of the Principle of Non-Aggression, we believe governments should not exist.

Our goal is to formulate a stronger and stronger civil society that supports individuals to become as independent of the government as is possible.

At present we aim to:

  • unite and support like-minded individuals
  • provide a communication platform for our ideas
  • host events and speakers on anarchy and living free

So join us, in living free of the tyranny of the majority.

– Founder, 2015