April 23, 2019

New Zealand’s First Taxman

September 5, 2018

By Anarchist History of New Zealand

The first Customs Collector in Nz, George Cooper, arrived on Day 1 with Captain William Hobson as a symbiotic twin; The regulator and the taxman.

Until 1891 the predatory methodology on the population was the use of Customs Duties/Tariffs. It took this long for the parasites to colonise the Colony because a collection apparatus like this takes some serious kelptocratic infrastructure.

Trust the parasites to know what’s best for them, they’re the experts. Consumers and producers already seek highest value and generate greatest wealth by their own natural activity. A parasite can only offer difficulty and confusion to the process so this they must minimise.

It would only be better for the parastate kleptocracy to go back to customs and tariffs if New Zealand’s economic organisation were as fragmented as it was in colonial days. Now there is one currency, one time zone, no provinces, licences for everything, communication excellence, national police force, nationalised schooling, duopolised press,…..

The Colony was colonised!

Suggested track: Taxman – The Beatles(George Harrison)

Image Ref. Contraband Magazine; Retrieved Feb 2017 but since deleted. Found on Wayback though

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