March 22, 2019

How to Sell to The SJW

September 6, 2018

By Rick

Why are so many of our institutions such as universities and museums dumbing themselves down and entangling the marketing of their products to Social Justice Warrior causes? My answer is that they are simply marketing accurately to their audience the same way the cover of a tabloid magazine does and with the same disgraceful results.  Nike and Levi jeans are doing the same thing this week, mixing shoes and pants up with SJW causes of ‘racial injustice’ and gun control. But we would expect that from retailers wouldn’t we?

Ref. People are destroying their Nike gear to protest Colin Kaepernick’s ‘Just Do It’ campaign

Ref. Levi Strauss partners with gun control groups

It’s natural for universities to do that now too because they have been relegated to just another consumer product like cola or shoes. Likewise our national monuments have been relegated to theme parks with entry fees (eg Treaty Grounds, Moeraki Boulders.)

In order “to get funding, scientists must claim that they are going to cure cancer, or build a supercomputer.”- Dr Andy Pratt, University of Canterbury School of Physical & Chemical Sciences


We’re all about “preserving the natural environment — in which New Zealand’s powerful indigenous Maori traditions are deeply rooted” in “preserving the natural environment.” – Charles Easton, Crawthron Institute (Nelson)

Likewise, Auckland Museum is now blurting Feminist nonsense (“Are We There Yet“) for weeks and Westpac also goes to great expense (“Women of Influence Awards 2018“) for marketing purposes. Like our politicians, they’ll simply say anything they need to in marketing their product (for politicians the product is picking your pocket!) If they fail to do so, someone else will take their business/electorate.

None of this marketing is authentic, it’s all ‘show business’ pivoting around our culture. It takes its cues from our identity and what we will or will not put up with. All of the above would swing about like a weather vane to meet the needs of a healthy culture asserting itself. The real trouble is Statism, the replacement of our Social Capital with State institutions. Family and community has taken a bad beating over the last 50 years so this is what we get.