April 23, 2019

Foreign Affairs of The State

August 21, 2018

By Anarchist History of New Zealand

In my opinion there’s something suicidal about Labour Ministers of Foreign Affairs. They seem to want to open New Zealand up to destruction, in particular by antagonising the only power protecting us from certain invasion: America.

One of the first things Labour 4.0 did was to shred the Treaty of ANZUS. Foreign Minister Lange preferred to virtue signal to his electorate by getting picky about the nuclear-powered technology the USA used for protecting us. Next time, with Labour version 5.0, Foreign Minister Goff risked that vital relationship even more by antagonising the USA in kissing up to Arafat.*

Perhaps (like good r-selected types) they simply represent those who lack any sense of danger? Do they lack any sense that New Zealand is harmed by being ruled either by themselves or some Asian/Pacific invader alike? If Labour 6.0 had the Foreign Affairs portfolio right now what would they be doing with it to rival Goff or, worse, Lange?

* More on this affair in a post to follow

Video ref; PM and Min. Foreign Affairs, David Lange. c.1984; Play it on the Facebook mirror