April 23, 2019

What is up with Māori these days they wanna whine about everything

January 18, 2019

By Anarchist History of New Zealand

The face that launched a thousand Slave Culture plaudits. This is Tina Ngata, aka NonPlasticMaori, from the Twitter division of ‘Dept of Internal(ised Racism) Affairs’. She’s heavily invested in two temporary Social Justice Warrior cultural waves of the moment: Banning plastic packaging and winging about everything being racist. Specifically, as you can see on her Facebook, WordPress, and Spinoff articles, winging about oppression of the “Māori” people.

Just within this week Tina has tweeted “What’s up is time on colonial oppression, theft and entitlement..”, “What IS required is acknowledgement of the role of systematic privilege that he inherits and benefits from.” That is why it is especially hilarious that she most recently asked the following question. And, why it was picked up on by the higher profile SJW Eliota Fuimaono-Sapolu on a Facebook speech which is now in The Herald…

What is up with Māori these days they wanna whine about everything?- Ngata

Fuimaono-Sapolu’s speech (it’s not a “rant,” be honest!) is typical of the Samoan rugby player. He makes his money from the sport but is a qualified lawyer (practising?) having been highly educated in New Zealand.¹ In childhood and adulthood, Eliota has bitten the hand that privileged him (even though he earned that privilege) by lashing out at Auckland Grammar School and the International Rugby Board. The result each time was to shoot his own professional prospects in the foot. Being a mouthy smartarse at school caused his early success to tank; Calling a referee racist for sending of a violent Islander then being a no-show at the hearing got him canned from the sport. This time the Oppositionally Defiant Samoan is directing his Victimhood performance toward New Zealand per se….

Eliota’s Arguments

What is up with Māori these days they wanna whine about everything?

“If you’re Polynesian you better not be caught saying this dumb, ignorant bull****. It’s pathetic.”

Not an argument. Name-calling people who dare to ask the question. It must not be asked! He’s also using racism against Polynesians in place of an argument here.

“No other race, no other culture has been targeted deliberately by the New Zealand government like Māori have. [They] deliberately, intentionally attempt to exterminate and eradicate Māori culture.”

So we’re dealing here with that other non-cognitive grasp of racism where it is defined not by the nature of what it is but by the political identity of those involved. Ref. previous post, The Kiwi Contest to Define Racism. As such, racism ‘helping’ weak ethnicities (aka “minorities”) ceases to be racism. That’s also why it’s logically OK in the previous quote to discriminate against “ignorant bullshit pathetic Polynesians,” as Eliota does. And that’s why it’s logically OK to racially privilege Maoris with their own awards ceremonies but not Asians because it’s not about racism per se but about privileged identities and evening out the score.

“They actually passed laws to exterminate Māori culture. They didn’t f***ing pass anything to get rid of Indian culture, Asian culture, only Māori on their own land.”

OK, let’s do skip over hundreds of years of Maori-on-Maori attempted and actual genocides before and after the 1835 Assembly of Chiefs because the form of government that wiped out Three Kings, Moriori, and Waitaha wasn’t Westminsterian enough for our legal scholar here.

Skip out the British take-over in 1840 that kicked out the French even though they owned land, legal system, and had a settled colony and their own Governor the way. Another strong culture given the boot in the same sweeping movement was the American one. In these whaling days the American fleet was a big part of our culture but they were given the boot for the next hundred years; Hone Heke was so mad about that he chopped down the British flagpole.

Skip out how our big population of Germans were treated, their contributions and place names erased, in the C20th. Never mind any of the anti-Irish discrimination in the law. Never mind the Poll Tax on Chinese or the banning of their woman or children entering the country until after the 1930s….

Only Maori culture has tried to be exterminated? Yeah right.

Everything from the Settlements Act where you disagreed with the government you had your land confiscated…

For “disagreed with” read attacked fellow New Zealanders, threatened armed invasion and genocide over the upper North Island (‘Auckland’ in the language of the day) and revoked allegiance to this country’s laws.

Tohunga Suppression Act where they just banned Maori culture…no other race in New Zealand has ever been targetted like that.

Much like the banning of the Maori language in schools, this was another Maori idea. The Member responsible was Maori (James Carroll) and far from ‘just ban Maori culture’ the aim was to stop fake con-artists who were exploiting the community for pay (here is where the spelling ‘Māori’ is useful to have.) Nothing against legitimate, traditional, Maori medicine at all- just an attempt to shut down the Māori witchdoctor scammers. But if our Samoan rugby star is upset about these brown Uri Geller types getting their comeuppance go find a Maori to blame for that.

“On top of the All Blacks’ whole identity is stolen from Māori culture,”

All Black identity is organised athleticism within an internationally organised sport for a paying public watching on within purpose-built arenas where an English-invented game with rules and a referee mathematically score points. Little if any of this was invented by or drawn from Maori culture! Like any other team, there is superficial branding involved and the All Blacks blend in something Kiwi and local to their country including the Haka.

“..and you have Air New Zealand with their Māori koru pattern on their wing – they’re not putting up an Indian pattern, they’re not putting up an Asian pattern, it’s a Māori pattern.

“The All Blacks aren’t doing an Indian dance, and they aren’t doing an Asian dance, they’re doing a Māori haka.”

They’re not thieves, it’s voluntary blending, it’s bicultural. If you want to have a count-up (but why be so divisive and petty?) of contributions I think you’ll find Maoris brought very little to the table. Do you really want to put Maori Avionics up against European and see who contributed/stole most from who? Or whose dance and music influenced who the most? It’s a stupid game to play but one that every Pacific Island nation will lose in the first round.

“That’s why it is important that we all tune in to everything that Māori want to discuss. It’s important to everybody who wants to live in New Zealand, in Aotearoa because this is Māori country.”

So Maori should get special compensations and privileges to our attention for everything Maori want to discuss….because of the logic of reverse-racism. By the power of Victimhood Culture, see? The means of production here are not to earn your place or interest your audience or make good sense and attract people by being excellent. It’s to demand a free platform on the basis of victimhood. Or else…

“If you don’t f***ing like it, then you can f***back to Europe. You South Africans can f*** off back to Europe. Asians go back to Asia and Indians go back to India.”

That’s not an argument. It’s totalitarian thinking. The rank fascist premise that Māoris own everything and if you do not agree you must be exiled.

“If you don’t understand what the problem is and you don’t understand the reason behind historical grievances, then you’re the f***ing problem.”

Not an argument. Simply pre-emptively attacking personally anyone who does not understand/agree with his (stunning, not) arguments above. The problem, you see, is that YOU don’t agree with this Totalitarian Samoan’s edicts and the solution is that you force yourself to do so, or else..

Polynesians don’t be caught saying this shit…don’t let me hear you..just means you don’t know f*** all about what is happened in New Zealand and you don’t know f*** all about a deliberate targeting of a specific race…so I suggest you shut the f*** up, listen to the grievances of Maori…or f*** off.

Good Auckland Grammar School lawyer’s summary of the case there.

  • A reminder that Polynesians have less right to think certain thoughts because of their race and ethnicity.
  • Disagreeing with Fascist Eliota’s bent view of history and swear words is to risk being “caught” by this angry muscle man
  • “Don’t let me hear you..” sounds like an angry Samoan mother’s prelude to some domestic violence..ie not an argument
  • If you disagree with me you know f*** all, f*** al, f*** al (he can’t emphasise this enough times)
  • Maoris were specifically targeted so it is they, not some other racial group, who sit in the sun in this Victimhood Culture War. Don’t take that away from Maoris, don’t let some other race have it. Maori are on top at the Oppression Olympics and let the prize giving never end..
  • Finally, anyone who sees it any other way must be silenced and exiled

In the broader sweep of history this ridiculous clown is actually moving the culture forward, believe it or not. The more his Victimhood Culture and Slave Culture becomes empowered and championed aggressively this way the nearer it comes to ending. When people like Fuimaono-Sapolu push hard enough and ignorantly enough there comes an equal and opposite reaction. A new culture will arise to push back and it will distinguish itself by being intelligent rather than ignorant and empowered rather than mired dependency and victimhood. Looking forward to that in the 2020s.

1 ref RadioNZ

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