April 23, 2019

We Sincerely Apologise For Our Negligence

November 11, 2018

By Anarchist History of New Zealand

Bfm News Director repudiates Anarchist History of New Zealand

Having called on me last week to contribute, Auckland’s radio Bfm radio have flip-flopped. During Anti-Government Week to have an actual Anarchist briefly aired makes perfect sense yet in these Politically Correct times it’s seldom contemplated. Sure enough, within days, they were repenting this interview.

NB: Following the broadcast of this interview it has come to 95bFM’s attention that the subject of this interview, Rick Giles, espouses political and historical views that the station finds particularly unsavoury. We will not be removing or editing the interview, but wish to make it clear to all listeners that 95bFM does not support or align itself with the personal politics of the interviewee. Our decision to provide Mr. Giles a platform during a week-long discussion on anti-government movements was one that, with hindsight, would not have survived greater scrutiny and vetting process. The station, its volunteers and wider associates do not wish to endorse Mr. Giles’ particular brand of historical revisionism in any way, shape or form and we sincerely apologise for any concern or aggravation caused via our negligence in this case.

If you wish to speak to us regarding this matter, please get in touch with our News Director at newsroom@95bfm.com.

Wonder what findings they consider unsavoury? Going outside the mainstream, did they expect to find themselves agreeing with what an Anti-Government person says? What did they think was going to happen?

Curious to know what happened behind the scenes. Who got aggravated, what were their concerns? The deal I struck was to have Anarchist History of New Zealand linked to but they took that away and replaced it with the above, reneging on the promise to plug my work.

The News Director at Bfm is Lillilan Hanly. What’s up Lillian?

Lillian Hanly has recently finished her Masters, a wannabe exposé on John Key, and is now the News Director at bFM after volunteering since early 2014. In her spare time she’ll be catching up on reading all the Noam Chomsky and Charles W. Mills books she wasn’t able to….Lillian is Pākehā and her first language is Māori. This upbringing highly influences the way she tells stories on the radio.

Lillian Hanly has five siblings and three parents

Yikes. One wiff of one of any of my posts about Maori, Feminism, Government, Leftism, or the importance of family would have driven Lillian to concern or aggravation. Hope she wasn’t too mean to poor old Laura Kvigstad who interviewed me.

Things should settle down now they’ve gone back to the Pro-Government Week schedule.

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