April 19, 2019

The Working Class: Spitting Fascism into the Eye of Death

December 20, 2018

By Anarchist History of New Zealand

This isn’t a post about the birth or the life of the Zealand Working Class, this is one about its imminent death. VJM has written a very logical (as always) essay called Why the New Zealand Working Class is Destined to Turn to Fascism and I’m reacting to it. Although we don’t share the same premises it’s a very worthy debate to have among Anarchists.

The central idea for VJM is that the Working Class will turn to Fascism to get its needs met and I agree. It always has before (like turning to a Nanny or a Big Brother) and found champions in politicians such as Grey, Seddon, Savage, Fraser, Nash, Kirk, Anderton. I would add, however, that this time ’round this Class is dying out. Our modern economy doesn’t need labourers as once we did and their old champion Labour has long since recognised this and moved on to new voting patrons.

Labour, or any political party, do not advocate for ‘working class interests’ or any interests per se. They brand themselves so as to ensure sufficient electorate to win seats, that is all. To signal to the Outrage Industrial Complex and to “inflict moral lecturing” is where the money is right now so that’s just what they’ll do. So does Nike and Countdown. Any way the wind blows! Nor did they let their previous suckers down gently or honestly as they shucked them and moved on…
“Western workers were promised that this liberalisation would lead to better living conditions, as their wages would be able to buy goods and services more cheaply and efficiently.”
That promise was kept. However, the surplus was pillaged by Government…
“trade liberalisation simply meant that international companies could play workers in different countries off against each other, bidding their wages down to the floor.”
Good! What else could we wish for, minimum wage price controls?
“..increased violence, increased property crimes and increased sex crimes..”
Free movement of labour didn’t cause that, state programs to subsidise violent thieving rapists to move into their electoral voting bloc did that.
“Leftists habitually dismissed working-class concerns as “bigoted” or “motivated by racism””
Rightly so since this is how the inarticulate Working Class, your proto-fascist, expresses their sentiments. Unless they could Red Pill from Statism and blame the true culprit, Government, how else could they process what has happened except by bigotry and racism?
” as if it were unreasonable to complain about the destruction of one’s community or of the possibility of raising a family on one wage.”
It is unreasonable. Or, more specifically, it’s unreasonable to meld with Slave Culture and put Government in charge of one’s community and family then complain to it like some prayer to a God.
“This sentiment has found increasing expression in fascism.”
Most certainly. Even people who once self-identified as libertarians are switching over. Yikes..
“New Zealand is merely a few decades behind on this same miserable path of social decay.”
Sooner. By my count, it will be a phenomena of the 2020s. We are reaching peak SJW and there must be an equal and opposite reaction.
“You’d have to be insane to vote National as a working-class person.”
You’d have to be insane to vote in the first place. And you’d have to be insane to belong to a Class.
“an increase in the refugee quota, and an liberalisation of the ability of cheap labour to move here, have a number of terrible consequences.”
Not at all. Freedom is not the problem, Statism is.
“the more people who are let into the country to compete with the working class, the lower the standard of living becomes.”
Good. Why should we wish to artificially inflate the value of menial tasks? Why subsidise Kiwis to have low skills and low command of wages?
” Instead of being seen as economically disadvantaged individuals who might need extra social assistance, the working class….”
Why the hell do we wish to create such a Social Position within our country as this and then top them up with extra money so they can live in such captivity? Is it for conservation reasons? Why not just pick a dozen or so and put them in a zoo then rather than giant suburban wildlife reservations?
“They now find themselves facing verbal abuse for defending their own class interests by opposing globalisation.”
It’s not verbal abuse to point out that identitarian racist bigots are what they are, is it?
“30 years of neoliberalism, which has changed the position of the working class from an essential part of the nation to a disposable commodity “
Labour is and has always been an input of production and the changing relative value has to do with capital and technological improvement not political proclamations by Ruth and Rog.
“The net result of it all is a deep sense of humiliation, rage and betrayal.”
Well, don’t go to Vegas and bet the farm and your entire ego on your chosen politicians gambling with your life wisely because…chickens come back to roost don’t they?
“they will find an alternative from outside the right-left liberal democratic dichotomy. “

If they can’t grow as people and shed the false persona of being a Prole, yes. They’ll just double-down and go back to Vegas with some other opportunist to inflate their egos and prolong their crash into humiliation. However, being a shrinking bunch of electoral dinosaurs now how many spins of the roulette will they get? How long can they play? Not nearly as long as this endangered species, this paleo-class, could have lasted in the 30s or the 70s.

It will be pathetic, cornered, fascism. It will be the refusal to face the overwhelming obvious by admitting identitarianism was wrong. It will be spitting fascism into the eye of Death before He claims you. “To the last, I grapple with thee; From Hell’s heart, I stab at thee; For hate’s sake, I spit my last breath at thee.” – Herman Melville
“The Maori working class will be the most receptive to the fascist message.”
Agreed. But not because they lost social position via colonisation, indeed they gained it. Just like the Working Class, the identitarian Maoris (who like to call themselves Māori) are artificially propped up by The State in order to be exploited electorally. When they cease being useful or plentiful one day they too will be cast aside and they too who do not lay down their Victimhood will resort to dying with a vindictive violet/fascist outburst.
Macron recently proved in France, nothing will amplify the fury of the working class more than to inflict moral lecturing on top of their economic and social suffering.
That’s the idea though isn’t it? Firstly, the Blue Pill signalling from Government is to buoy their own followers and help them identify and avoid those who are foaming at the mouth. Secondly it is to amp up the foaming exiled ones to 11 so they can more easily be singled out and ostracised. And, to hyper-trigger them to ensure they will be unable to organise and up-regulate, unable to think, but only writhe and react in fear and pain. Fear is the mind-killer. These politician parasites know exactly what they’re doing; Anarchy 101.
The inability of the working class to find expression within the liberal democratic system will lead to them destroying it by supporting a fascist alternative as soon as one arises.

They’re not strong enough to destroy it. They’re like a woman scorned but their hellish fury can be swatted off like a gnat or misdirected easily like a charging bull close to death. The proof that there is no more power to tap from the Working Class is that nobody is applying to exploit them. If self-service checkouts and robot assembly plants could vote then they’d probably command more List MPs in this country than this endangered Class!

Certainly there will be a counter-revolution to the Outrage Industrial Complex, certainly it will be very physical and fascistic and nationalistic and ‘traditional’ and oppressive after its own style. Unless philosophers and libertarians break this stupid cycle of history it will go on and on like a runaway bus. But my point is that the Working Class are no longer at the wheel of that bus, their turn is up, few of them even have seats, and it wont be long before the bus drives past their stop without picking them up at all because it’s on a new route.

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