April 19, 2019

The Kiwi Accent

September 12, 2018

By Anarchist History of New Zealand

Amy Walker captures various accents brilliantly, I’ve been subscribed for a long time. This is the first time I found her taking on a New Zealand accent and at about 2mins in she explains how it works.

There are many lenses through which to view a culture. History, economics, psychology, sociology, geography, literature, art,…they’re all after the same knowledge of humanity by different roads. Accents are a lens too as Amy shows.

New Zealanders’ accents can be replicated when she vibrates with a certain mindset. Something “held back”, we are “reserved” rather than open with our emotions and identity. I think what she discovered is right and it reminds me very much of what Bill Pearson wrote in his ‘Fretful Sleepers’ (1974) essay. I’ll post more about that one of these days.


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