April 23, 2019

The Boomers: Kiwis vs Frogs

December 6, 2018

By Anarchist History of New Zealand


Civil war in France within 6 months? I say non, monsieur.

The French are revolting, especially in Paris, against their State. Main complaint being the punitive tax (real and hidden) harming their standard of living. They have no leaders and no particular demands. They are destructive and civilly disobedient toward the State’s forced called to quell the riots. They symbolically wear the high-visibility yellow vests The State forces all motorists to own and keep in their cars; Hence Yellow Vest protests/riots.*

New Zealand Boomers locked in their welfare at everyone else’s expense long ago; Their nests are feathered, they own everything. What is the most common trait among Kiwi Real Estate licence-holders and business owners? Average age: late 60s and 70s. The wealthiest generation in history AND they locked it down. How? They ‘won’ it from Muldoon back in the day and their contentment helps keep the status quo and keep our kids in line.

In New Zealand’s past poverty certainly was a phenomena of the elderly. Our self-entitled Boomers, however, transferred that burden to children and families. The same goes for other countries in The West who did the same, following the pattern of WW2’s great victor: The USA.

The French

French Boomers didn’t come out so well and now they’re impoverished and poor and represent no check on the young people for restraint. In this photo old men pick through garbage for food. Part of the build-up to the civil unrest was such a homeless man caught in the act and imprisoned for it.

In the following viral video, this white-haired old Boomer is right on the pulse of what these Yellow Vest protests are about. He speaks of the older people having to live off dog food and that the crisis is (not that Frenchies are eating pet food but that) the dog roll is running out!

Do you see? Slave Culture in revolt not against slavery but against how much bread and water rations they’re on. Their jailers have been riding them way too hard using too little moral excuse.

Here a riot policeman beats a Yellow Vest only to be informed by his associate that he is hitting is own Boomer mother!

I live in a country…
WHO WAITS 6 months for a bastard to say he killed a little girl and where he threw her…Where a guy cries for months in our Tvs and ends up confessing to strangling his wife “by accident” Where we ask ourselves whether a 28-Year-old guy can [rape] a 11-Year-old girl on the way out of school with his “consent”…Where we worry about the quality of life of a terrorist by offering HIM 3 cells, a gym, good meals, medical care… and a lawyer paid by our taxes..Where we applaud a president clown who announces that he’s not his lover that he hired and privileged..Who imprisons a homeless man for looking for food in a trash….Where we….bludgeon prison guards protesting because they’re tired of being attacked by prisoners…Where the doors are opened to thousands of migrants, but where the evictions of French families with children are allowed,…A country where citizens are deprived of their freedom of expression where they are prevented from manifesting their discontent by refusing or threatening them..I live in a country where my purchasing power is reduced, I am deprived of living properly with the fruit of my work, especially if i am a farmer…A country that does not strongly condemn murderers, terrorists, rapists…– Translated extracts from a viral meme, November 2018

Letting off Steam? Or Civil War?

Nobody wants to go back to Civil War after Christmas holidays. The State wants these wildfires kindled now, before the drenching rain of Christmas and New Years comes to quench all. Lots of examples in New Zealand and abroad of angry people being called upon to express themselves in the final months of the year. If they didn’t, the State would prompt them to do so because if tempers must catch fire they want it happening before the big Christmas cool-down.

eg The Occupy Movement (2011) kicked up as early as October, was vibrant in December but killed by Christmas. Only a few lost cause hard core remained to be mopped up over January

eg Independent State of Aramoana (1980) initiated in December by disgruntled Otago protesters

eg Queen Street Riot (1984) where Auckland’s Aotea Centre was swarmed by destructive students in the early stages of a concert. Dobbyn was charged with inciting violence! This was today in history, December 7th.

No, of course I’m not saying our Machiavellian Lords, like President Macron, can always make sure protests happen on their preferred timeline. But in my opinion they know it’s in their interests and do their best to light the spark on any powder keg to have a controlled demolition prior to the Festive Season.

Macron’s Janus-Faced Trick

Le President has already been a hard arse this week. I heard him scolding the population on the news. “They will be identified and brought to justice for their actions,” he said. Fully expect Macron (or whoever is in his seat) to be a merciless hard-arse throughout December.

Next, a kinder and gentler Macron will come. He’s already set that up by being a heavy handed jerk so he’ll seem saintly and commiserating in January.

There will be some changing of the guard (meet the New Boss, same as the Old Boss) and that will be that. This isn’t the coming switch into Honour Culture because there are no leaders. The HC is marked by personality and tribalism and leadership. As Irish Times nicely put it in a headline this is a ‘High-visibility, low-resolution revolution’. This is the characteristic of Slave Culture not HC; Wishy-washy mob without clear goals.

Bribe the Boomers to the grave so they’ll keep their sons and grandsons in check, fill everyone up with carbs, and put this ‘revolution’ down once they’ve let off a bit of pre-holidays steam. That will be that for this chapter.

See if I’m wrong.

* If I know The State, and I do, the compulsory initiative to force everyone to buy yellow vests was a Rent Seeking Crapitalist ‘enterprise’ by some French politician. No doubt some Minister’s nephew or son or husband has a monopoly on selling yellow vests

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