April 23, 2019

South City Substation; 1971-72

August 25, 2018

By Anarchist History of New Zealand

Interesting bit of technology on the Dunedin rooftops. This inner-city electricity distribution substation on Crawford Street has distinctive roof cones.

I’ve never had any of these new-fangled noise-cancelling headphones but they must work on the same principle as these brick cones.

By positioning complimentary oscillators (humming transformers) with their noise directed at one another their longitudinal sound waves will act to cancel one another out. To test this, stand at the ‘node’ directly between to cones and see if it’s much quieter than if you move toward one or the other.

Same principle is used in factories to keep the noise down. Let loud machines calm each other down rather than form a joint assault on human ears.

That answer should get me full marks in fifth form science.

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Happily I have no such qualms about pretending to know all sorts of things. Otherwise there would be very few blog posts! 🙂 🙂


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