April 19, 2019

Pride Festival Cancelled

April 15, 2019


It’s a simple idea. Protected people in society seek to be assured that their protectors are doing their job; They are strong and they are ready to exert deadly force in the line of duty. Are our official strong-men, The Police, and our un-official strong-men like gangs and armed martial males tough enough to keep the rest safe? Tougher than potential invaders?

That’s a basic biological drive and certainly not a conscious one. Sadly, few are self-aware enough to know why they do what they do but simply sleep-walk to the drum beat of biological drives without examining their lives at all. Our lives and literature are filled with women giving “shit tests” to their men to test their worth. Perhaps a quest, perhaps an attack on him, perhaps being unfaithful in order to discover if he is ‘strong’ enough to seize her back or ‘weak’ enough for her to dispense with. The more insecure the protected person is, the more frequent and atrocious the tests¹.

New Zealand tests have become very frequent and atrocious following the Christchurch Massacre. The censoring and banning…guns, ANZAC ceremonies, books, sports, TV shows, the cheating on things Kiwi with hijabs and alien religion….see previous posts. Likewise, our Police and gangs have been flexing their muscle in response; Even now police are still going around armed and with increased patrol car and helicopter presence.

If this premise is correct we can expect more such behaviour in our future because our society has become one big dysfunctional co-dependent relationship. How else to think of the cancellation of the Gay Pride Parade in February this year?

The Auckland Pride Board has ditched its annual Pride Parade plans and replaced the event with a low-key walk across the city.

The board said last month the annual Pride Parade would still go ahead, after controversy around its decision to ban police from marching in their uniforms.- Newshub

The protected ones were putting their protectors, the Police and their sponsors, the muscle and the money, to the test. It’s analogical with a young woman demanding her boyfriend pay to take her out and protect her but strip off his chosen expression of manly garb to wear what she dictates. In New Zealand he said “No.” In, The Five-Year Engagement (2012) Emily Blunt’s character sucked Jason Segal free of all testosterone to levels only seen in fiction (I hope.)

Rabbit² said she believes last year’s interruption of the parade and the ongoing dispute over whether to let police march in uniform may have played a role in the decision to call off the event.- 2019 Edmonton Pride Festival cancelled; Global News

Edmonton police and RCMP officers will not wear their uniforms in the 2018 Edmonton Pride Parade, in what they say is a concerted effort to improve their relationship with members of the LGBTQ community.- CBC 2018

The Canadians, then, seem to be a full year ahead of New Zealand in having capitulated to the demand to not wear their uniforms. Did that satisfy and satiate the pressure? Did the protected people have their security needs met by this? No! This year even more was asked of parade organisers in Edmonton. The protected persons are even more insecure and seek yet more testing, yet more atrocious demands. They are now at the point of cancelling the entire ‘date’ which is what happened in Auckland also. Or, it was downgraded to a (‘Pride’) walk together rather than going out, if you like.

The only way to really win is not to play. The insecurity of the protected class will never be satiated by the sacrifices of the protectors. We all need to find security and self-esteem within ourselves, unless we are children of course. Paradoxically, what the protected classes want is the opposite to what they ask for from their protectors. They will not be secure and happy when they have hen-pecked their men into pink bunny suits devoid of testosterone after all. Why do they pressure the protectors to do it then? Men find this very confusing. Well, they do it as a test to evoke the resistance and opposition that makes them feel safe and even sexually aroused. Being a person like this, in either role, is a horrible living jail. That’s why the Existentialists say horror is other people. But this is to assume there’s no other mode of living, no authentic connection, no healthy society beyond Psychological Fusion.

For us to have a future there has to be something better for our culture than that. It’s little consolation that New Zealanders may be doing a little better in the Shit Test Olympics than Canadians because when you zoom out of that little victory we had in February the fact remains: You are still an athlete in the Shit Test Olympics!

1 Likewise, the more insecure the protector is in such a co-dependent relationship, the more risky and expensive he is willing to behave in order to not be rejected. It is in such ways, for example, that women incite brawls and wars

2 ‘Chevi Rabbit, a community advocate who speaks out about LGBTQ issues in Alberta’; You can’t make this stuff up. Literally, the representative of the r-selected Protected class has the name Rabbit! The totem animal of the r-selected strategy itself.

image ref. AUT in Pride Parade 2017; Stuff


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