April 23, 2019

Meghan & Harry

October 26, 2018

By Anarchist History of New Zealand

The New Zealand Royal Family is coming to town next week. Two of them anyway. I wrote the following a year ago and it’s subject to a little update.

According to the news I try not to watch, Prince Harry has taken an American fiancée. I wonder how much Meghan Markle Inc. paid for this Royal endorsement? Both corporations, Windsor and Markle Inc, benefit from the PR cross-pollination.

She became the wife! Things went further than I expected however I still anticipate a future parting.

These institutions have been corrupt all along. Nothing new under the sun. What I see is a publicity tour for Markle herself, foremost, and a bit of gloss for the Royals too which has been on the agenda lately anyway (capitalising on Diannaversary).

Royal/celebrity relationships are bid for status. The status of Royal ‘fiancée’ is up for purchase the same way a doctorate or knighthood or a ‘not guilty’ verdict is. After the term of the contract is up, Harry and Meghan will part ways again. I would be surprised if this merger were to be more than temporary. With Harry’s cachet he can sell his fianceehood many times more, although it has a half life of course.

I’ll stand by that but it’s going to take a while to prove now. This marriage contract should be good for 10-15 years, I’d guess.

We may presume that Markle is simply putting Buckingham Palace onto her resume toward following a public life pathway in the future. Senator next year? President in 2032…?

Watch this wonderful propaganda advertisement for the corporate partnership!

It’s gone beyond that now they’re married. No American political office, they are now wed. The Royal Family are doing a great job, as they always have, of adopting the right signals and causes of the general population. Princes Charles only seems stale and staid now because time has passed. Remember though that he has been virtue signalling batty environmentalist causes for years in the same way. Muggle New Zealanders will be impressed and flattered next week when the pair tour.

Clothing, jewellery, food products etc will receive the touch of their celebrity endorsement in exchange for advertising money. Politicians will get face time in exchange for discrete favours and secret transactions. Certain Maoris will get photo opportunities to help their public standing; It’s all on sale. Nobody will suspect a thing; Except the Anarchists!

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