April 19, 2019

José Feliciano working for Muldoon

September 14, 2018

By Anarchist History of New Zealand


Power down and live small, ‘go easy’ is what The State wants its stock to do because they’ve buggered up the supply of feed. Make a virtue of deprivation and pay celebrities to sell it for them!

1977, the international celebrity being paid to  counselling New Zealanders be a government propaganda puppet was Puerto Rican-born musician José Feliciano
“With the second oil shock looming, this was one of a series of 70s public service announcements produced to encourage energy conservation. ..famous for songs like ‘Feliz Navidad’..filmed on 3 October, a few days before his Auckland show.”
What upstanding free humans do is not cut their ambition and productivity down to a low ebb. We rise to solve the problem, we create more energy to suit our needs rather than lower our vision to passively suit what we’ve been given.
There was never or will be an “oil shock.” We had run out of money to pay for it and public debt was out of control as The State had been spending like made buggers. From this came such National 3.0 nonsenses as the carless daysFuel Fighter 661, and Feliz NaviDope here.

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