April 23, 2019

Free Petrol with Every Tax Purchased

November 12, 2018

By Anarchist History of New Zealand

Want some petrol with your tax? On sale now!
Buy some tax at a petrol station outlet near you and receive this free gift of petrol. That’s right, for every dollar of tax you buy receive 53 cents worth of petrol. That’s amazing value!
Customers who enjoy their gift of free petrol also love to purchase Government Registration and Warranting documents. But that’s not all! Every Rego and WOF entitles the user to drive ONE CAR. It’s our free gift to you for buying locally sourced tax made right here in New Zealand.
Only read this SPECIAL OFFER if you want the most out of your transport experience: For a 10 year subscription fee you can have your own NZ DRIVERS LICENCE. But that’s not all! Every licence purchased comes with PERMISSION FROM US to drive vehicles. Make the most of your free petrol, Rego, and WOF by buying this stylish ID card that fits right into your pocket. Buy this tax now before we have to make you! Everyone is doing it. Don’t be the odd one out!
* Disclaimer: Proceeds of all tax purchased contributes toward unethical funding of Government projects. Free gifts subject to change in quantity and/or duration without notice. Not subject to The Consumer Guarantees Act. Non-customers will be prosecuted.