April 23, 2019

Civilisation VI: Maori Expantion Pack

December 5, 2018

By Anarchist History of New Zealand

Video game Civilization VI is due for another new Expantion Pack in February 14 2019. Along with the new features there will be 9 new leaders including– get this- the mythical Kupe and his Maori culture!

The news just broke about this addition, it looks like all sorts of educational fun! Kupe is the New Zealand Maori version of Captain Cook, the traditional discoverer and adventurer who brought New Zealand into Maori colonisation.

Check it..

This vital Honour Culture version of Maoris is bound to trigger today’s Victimhood Culture Māori around the bend come February! In this new release clip we see the use of the haka, fortified pa, marie, toa (hero,) and C20th century Maori fusion music such as Pokarikari Ana! Kupe himself appears to be gibbering cheerfully in some estimation of a C10th Pacific dialect. His heroic countenance has that cheeky-but-solemn spirit we see in some of his descendants today; It’s as it should be!

Well done Firaxis Games, looks like educational fun to me. I fully expect domestic Social Justice Warriors to be outraged and attempt to converting it to Problematic and Offensive so they can feed off of it in the Outrage Industrial Complex. But I also expect them to fail, and break their teeth trying. Honour Culture is the natural antidote to Victimhood and Gamer Culture is mostly a subset of Honour Culture. Besides, with 8 other new groups added besides Kupe’s Maori, the SJWs will be overwhelmed and wont know who to get offended at first! When the SJWs cry ‘Cultural Appropriation‘ they are showing their own lack of culture coupled with lack of personal responsibility thus the inevitable blaming of this on others (projection) who are not similarly suffering for having stolen theirs.

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