April 23, 2019

Bob Jones

September 22, 2018

By Anarchist History of New Zealand

“Taxation is theft.”

‘To cheat the IRD is a moral duty!’

– Bob Jones

These quotes come from a 1976 Speech given for National Government Minister Young. It caused a huge stir and the Minister had to flee his own fundraiser! The speech attracted much attention and fury both during the event and after.

Jones entered national politics the previous year as a reaction to Labour MPs (eg Mike Moore) unexpectedly attacking him. A political animal was created that punched back hard and went on to do so to the present day.

Sir Robert Jones is still vigorous today. He owns and loves buildings which has made him wealthy. He is also a fine writer of fiction books, newspaper opinion, and non-fiction books sharing his knowledge of business.

(I particularly appreciate his opposition to traffic lights and the Reserve Bank of New Zealand.)

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