April 23, 2019

Anarchist History of New Zealand interviewed on radio Bfm

November 5, 2018

By Anarchist History of New Zealand


Anarchist History of New Zealand interviewed on radio Bfm

Laura Kvigstad, producer for Auckland University’s Bfm The Wire, sent me a message out of the blue this morning asking for an interview. Way nicer than Oliver Driver or Radio Active were back in the day, our Q&A will be at about 12.30pm today. You can listen live on the site or, hopefully, they’ll have it as a podcast to listen to later.

Fingers crossed it doesn’t bring the wrong kind of attention. We’ve got a nice well-behaved little audience right now.

The topic for The Wire this week (or just today, being Guy Fawkes?) is Anti-Government. That doesn’t happen very often so how could I say no?

“Laura Kvigstad and producers… bring you bFM’s daily news & current affairs show, including Neighbourhood Watch…
“The Wire is 95bFM’s long-running daily bastion of news, current affairs and views through the bFM lens.
“Laura Kvigstad is a student at the University of Auckland, and fell in love with journalism in her second year of studying. She was born in Taupo but raised in Canada (hence the accent) and every New Years she takes a road trip to discover a new spot. Laura enjoys a good political debate and hearing various perspectives people have on the world.”
My friend managed to grab a little recording of the upcoming interview a bit after 9am being discussed with the breakfast host Mikey Havoc which you can listen to here.

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