April 19, 2019

2018: Derailing Little Toot

November 21, 2018

By Anarchist History of New Zealand

Driving down Whangaparoa road along Auckland’s peninsula of the same name I’ve often noticed a little railway sign. Now it’s too late to investigate further as yet another private model railway has been forced to close by The State: Little Toot.

“…the company cannot afford to do the work suggested, which included a walking platform and handrails on the bridge, although the bridge is not accessible by foot. “They also said that the steam locomotive gets too hot and could burn anyone touching it,” Julie says. “We’ve only had one accident, and that was a long time ago when a person put their head out the window of the train, despite signs saying not to do that.”- Local Matters, May 2018

A familiar sight passing through Whangaparoa

Ted and Julie Pointon first put this line together in 1958, opening to the public in 1992. Ted’s died now and without anyone in the family picking up the torch it’s a great deal of work for Mrs Pointon who offers this as the main reason for the closure this year. Very sad.

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