March 22, 2019

1960: Henderson Intermediate

February 17, 2019

By Anarchist History of New Zealand

Henderson intermediate (‘where students flourish and grow’) established out of Henderson High (Auckland) in about 1960. Within the last year or two they came up with this simple R2P2 (Respectful, Responsible, Prepared, Proud) school values idea.

My guess is it happened in 2015 to coincide with ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’. The Principal, or whoever cooked it up, probably thought they were being really cool and contemporary borrowing some charm from R2D2.

Actually, I bet she tried really hard for a long time to think of 2 values that started with D before falling back on P.

The Three Rs Take A Back Seat..

I don’t know how recently this sign is that’s hanging outside the school gate. Probably 2017. It’s wrong! Obvious thing to say but I have to say it: Get back to The Three Rs, reading, writing and arithmetic. To blazes with your Two Rs and Two Ps.

Family Values

Respect, responsibility, preparedness, and pride are family values. Schools in New Zealand history were once places for learning, not parenting. We’ve jumped these things from the Family Lattice to the State Education Lattice, as pointed out by Kings High Rector Dan Reddiex

Mistakes happen but hasn’t anyone noticed? Why don’t they take it down? And what’s worse? That they can’t spell or that they’ve never seen the Blues Brothers movie?

No regerts?


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