March 22, 2019

1940: Tomorrow Dies

February 23, 2019

By Anarchist History of New Zealand

‘Tomorow’ magazine 1934-1940; The major left-wing counter-culture magazine of its time. Edited and printed in Christchurch (of course,) distributed nationally. Full up with the cracker-jack young poets, academics, and even government insiders (eg W. Sutch, H. Innes) it was written by and for a temporary spurt of intellectual and creative young Victimhood Culture champions.

The little paper exercised its free speech to criticise and mock the likes of the Minister of Police and Prime Minister┬áPeter Fraser. It didn’t shy away from commenting on the internal Labour 1.0 civil war concerning John ‘Shiner’ Lee. But that’s what did it in…

The Superintendent of Police leaned on the printer, suggesting this scrappy little job may run afoul of the brand new wartime sedition laws. It would be a shame if an entire printing enterprise were to ruined. Fraser’s top Killbot didn’t even approach the editors or the publishers, mind you, but the print firm.

Direct hit! The little ship Tomorrow was sunk; The magazine died in May 1940.

Ref. Hobbs (1967)
Ref. Barrowman (1991)

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