April 23, 2019

1918: The Truth about the Influenza Epidemic

November 12, 2018

By Anarchist History of New Zealand

Historian discusses what we can learn from our deadliest pandemic

Stephen Clarke discusses no such thing as, once again, heading bares no relation to content in Mainstream Media.

As a Volunturist, Libertarian, Free Market, Anarchist, historian I can tell you what he will not. Perhaps cannot. Why? Because I’m not willing to protect The State. In fact, I’m generally willing to attribute responsibility for everything wrong with society to government as the first resort of a reasoned and empirical approach!

Black November

New Zealand lost about half as many people to influenza as it had in the whole of the First World War: 8,600. Clarke sepals off some of the gravity and loss experienced by our 1918 ancestors. It was a Great Wrong War that should never have been the Kiwis’ to fight and that alone would have spared us from infection.

“most of best and brightest men who could have medically or politically saved us had been shot on a Turk’s beach or a Frenchman’s field.”

Crucially however, in my opinion, The State had long since set itself up as responsible for public health with what was by 1918 literally Martial Law Authority. Rather than look to one another in a free market for health for this solution the ‘neighbours’ Clarke refers to deferred to The State. They had been conditioned to do so by Public Schools, by The War measures, and by the fact that the most of best and brightest men who could have medically or politically saved us had been shot on a Turk’s beach or a Frenchman’s field.

Health Theatre

This Crowding-Out Effect was exacerbated by the Health Theatre Show put on by the government. If you travel using our airports today you’re very familiar with Security Theatre, or if your kids have been in State Schools you’re familiar with Education Theatre. The pawns and stooges are not actually contributing anything to, say, security, they’re just doing busy work to put on the appearance of it. A major part of this at airports are wands and machines that scan your body and your luggage but the important function of these devices is to make that Monty Python ‘ping!’ sound.

Our enemy, The State, set up ‘Public Health Department’ standardised influenza treatment depots, drawing infected Kiwis to them to cough and touch one another. They were lined up for the government’s phantasmagorical Inhalation Chambers, and so treated to said Health Theatre.

“They breathed in zinc sulphate vapours- and breathed out the virus, inadvertently spreading it further.”- Ref. NZ Geographic

“Side effects may include abdominal pain, vomiting, headache, and feeling tired.”- Wikipedia on the use of zinc sulphate

:: Slow sarcastic clap for The Government. ::

“Anyway, I came out, and my eyes were running…it didn’t do me any good. I don’t think it did anybody any good. And as for stopping the epidemic, they found out after that it was only egging it on! It was making it worse! …you were more likely to have it having this treatment. So, after a bit they knocked that off sudden!”- Unnamed victim re public fumigation chambers; Ref. The Great Plague

:: You’ve really done it again, good going* ::

Get your lungs filled with placebo gas at the State’s Health Theatre Show

People say I’m an Anarchist but I’m not the only one..

Why do we still love the state then? How do they get away with all these endless homocidal and keleptocratic blunders and adventures to this very day? It’s the same reason that you’re not hearing the above in mainstream media and Clarke’s monologue is characterised as ‘what we can learn’. Indeed, the very reason domesticated and state-worshipping intellectuals are raised to public life and interviewed by the radio station.

In short, our historical narrative keeps us here. What we tell one another about what really happened always protects the past actions of government. What we tell each other about what must be done always includes more government intervention and solutions and expense. We are deep into the Victimhood Culture phase now. The Dignity Culture that Colonial New Zealand had was largely exported for butchering in Europe and the survivors were summoned for infection in Government Gas Chambers.

“I’m from the government and I’m here to help…”


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* Not even detailing the government’s role in the November Armistice Hoax, sending Aucklanders into ‘one mass of laughing, crying, coughing and obviously sick, people’ infecting the hell out of one another

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