April 23, 2019

1886: The Settlers Guide to New Zealand

October 30, 2018

By Anarchist History of New Zealand

The Settlers Guide to New Zealand from about 1886

Wouldn’t it be great to have a read? As an anarchist I’m all for migration that is market driven so people can respond to real price incentives to guide their decisions. This guide was part of a state programme helping to fuel disaster for New Zealanders as well as the newcomers.

A poverty trap called ‘The Long Depression’

Julius Vogel certainly belongs in the Top 10 SOBs in New Zealand history. He was luring the migrants to make their homes in a poverty trap called ‘The Long Depression’ which was of his own making.

I’m certain that this guide, and the people who were hooked by his scheme, were being used as no more than signalling tools. By creating the false migration market, Vogal’s administration were part of a ‘pump and dump’ scheme to trick investors that New Zealand Inc. was “Doing just fine thanks.” Thus, allowing never-ending-lending that Vogal was so famous for which plunged New Zealand into great debt.

Among Vogals many other futuristic visions (he has a whole book of them) he anticipated Keynesian economics. In simple terms, the fallacy that dropping piles of cash on the economy (ie debt) will defibrillate it into life.

Why did the First Colonist’s kids get sucked in to this mad man? That question I’ll leave for another day.

Image ref. Scotlands People; West Coast Recollect

Image ref. The Fiscal Times

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